As my fourth year here at Michigan State University is wrapping up, I don’t claim to know everything, but I sure have learned a whole lot. As a parting tribute, I want to share my advice to underclassmen looking to make the most of their college experience.Study AbroadAlthough I wrote these in no particular order, […]

When you’re in college, people mention internships a lot. And by a lot, I mean every day. In every single class you will ever have. Professors will go on about how important they are, how they show you’ve had experience and how they will set you apart from the thousands of other soon-to-be college grads […]

One of the many perks of being a Michigan State student is that we are just an hour and half from Detroit. What that means is that there are more options for things to do, such as concerts, museums, shows, plenty of places to eat, sports games to see and more!A fantastic place to eat […]

One of the many ways Michigan State University sets itself apart from other colleges is the opportunity students have to travel. When I say travel, it’s a very broad definition. Michigan State has a very well known study abroad program with more than 260 programs in over 60 countries. There are also many opportunities for […]

There are only seven weeks until this spring semester comes to an end. At this very moment, you might be asking yourself, “Where did the time go?” With less than two months before this school year comes a close, we came up with a handful of things to do before the semester wraps up. Go to […]