Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom — participating in internships can provide college students with many learning opportunities to help them not only find a job but be better equipped to start a career successfully.  According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ 2018 Internship & Co-op Survey Report, the average job-offer […]

What is a Credit Report and Why Do I Need to Understand It? You have a credit card — maybe your first. Once you begin establishing credit, understanding your credit report is the next step to ensure you are in good standing in terms of your credit usage. Why do you need good credit? Initiating […]

Reputation is everything, right?  Also true when it comes to credit. Establishing and building credit at an early age helps put you in good standing for when you are ready to apply for an auto loan, or even when being considered for an apartment.  When should I establish credit? For most people, their first introduction to credit […]

Summer is exciting — a time for travel adventures, festivals and concerts. It can also be tough on your budget. While you might have more time for a job in the summer, here are some tips to make the most of your summer while optimizing the amount you are able to save. Get Outside With […]