As a Spartan and nature-enthusiast, I love everything green; so you can only imagine how much I love St. Patrick’s Day. While I particularly enjoy the green-dyed beer, it’s not the only holiday-inspired drink doused with artificial food coloring. Why yes, I am referring to the limited-time-only, fan-favorite Shamrock Shake offered at McDonald’s. The creamy […]

On Feb. 16 the Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, starts with the beautification of your living space. Throw on the those new clothes you’ve been hiding since Christmas and prepare yourself for a night of feasting and festivities. This year is the Year of the Dog, so if you were born […]

If you’re new to colder climates, you might still enjoy the novelty of the winter season. The snow, heavy winter clothes and hot cocoa all have their charm. However, if you are unfortunate enough have to experienced many years of winter, you will inevitably reach the same conclusion: winter is by far the worst season. […]

Pumpkin spice everything is making a comeback. From lattes and popcorn to cough drops — if you can name it, then someone, somewhere has infused it with pumpkin spice flavor. The trend can seem out of control at times, but the delicious taste of these cookies will change the toughest skeptic’s mind. Whether a tailgate […]