Did you see our recipe for Easy Key Lime Pie and wish there was a video to walk you through the process? Don’t worry, ing has you covered! Grab the recipe and follow along with this handy COOKing video. Director, Producer, Editor and Cinematography: Cynthia Bezinque Cinematography: Erica Crown Music: Martijn de Boer   Cynthia Bezinque […]

Looking for a bit of color to help lighten up the dreary weather outside? ing Magazine has just the recipe for you: Key lime pie! A uniquely American dessert, it originated in the West Florida Keys around the late 1800s. A cook named Aunt Sally is reported to have created the original recipe with egg […]

Whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day or not, there’s no denying the fantastic red velvet flavor and color that we often associate with the holiday. This recipe pairs the rich velvety flavor with mini chocolate chips and ooey-gooey Dark Milky Way bars in a delectable treat. The best part about this recipe is how […]

Students are preparing themselves to return home for Thanksgiving break, which they know will be accompanied with endless questions about their relationship status and plans after graduation. It’s the thought of a hearty, home cooked meal after months and months of Ramen that draws people home. However, not everyone looks forward to traditional turkey and […]

October is undeniably a college student’s favorite month. The weather is perfect, football season is in full-force and it all leads up to our favorite holiday: Halloween! Whether you’re more into the thrills of the season or the overload of treats, you’re going to love these “Witches’ Fingers” cookies. This recipe is simple, delicious and […]