Drop The Pizza

What you eat can dramatically affect how you sleep You’ve probably heard of avoiding caffeine in the evenings or not eating pizza right before bed, but there is more to how food and your sleep are related. Avoiding certain foods is one of the best ways you can avoid dozing-off on the job. Your meal […]

If you don’t have a meal plan, it can be tricky to figure out how to score the lunch you need for the right price. If you’re near Grand River, you could be overwhelmed with all the choices. If you’re trapped in the middle of the main campus and you don’t have much time before […]

Go outside right now. If your first thought is, “but it’s too cold,” then you probably don’t want to risk frostbite in order to get a comforting, warm bite to eat. In the middle of winter, it’s best to remember that there are food establishments in and around East Lansing that will deliver to your […]