Whether you’re an adventurous young freshman, just getting familiar with the countless opportunities MSU has to offer, or a graduating senior clinging on to the last bit of the college experiences you have left before the real world. For many of us, thinking about and trying to plan out the future can be extremely daunting […]

Why it should matter to you In order to live in a peaceful world, there must be social justice. As of right now, there is a definite lack of it. Lately, however, it has become evident that there are millions of people who are trying to change that. So what exactly is social justice, and […]

An interview with Maddie Kohler, a kinesiology minor Being a college student always has its perks. One of these perks is on-campus jobs offered to students. Many of these jobs are made for specific majors and minors where students receive a lot of experience in the career they are going into. At ing Magazine, we […]