“What is food if it’s not about family and friends?” Mena Castriciano has been asking herself this very question since she was a young girl. Castriciano was born in rural Calabria, Italy, and immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 12. She grew up creating and sharing authentic Italian cuisine with family and friends […]

Where to enjoy a classic combo of burger and milkshakes  When we think of American culture during the summer, we can agree a nice, juicy hamburger and cold milkshake is something a lot of us enjoy! The real question is where are the best ones in the Lansing area? And do you go to a […]

Drop The Pizza

What you eat can dramatically affect how you sleep You’ve probably heard of avoiding caffeine in the evenings or not eating pizza right before bed, but there is more to how food and your sleep are related. Avoiding certain foods is one of the best ways you can avoid dozing-off on the job. Your meal […]

Learn a bit before taking a sip  This year, International Beer Day is on Friday, Aug. 2. Pubs and bars all around the world will be holding events to celebrate the beloved beverage.  Lansing has its fair share of microbreweries, and Looking Glass Brewing Co. is one of its newer additions. Lee Streeter, co-founder of […]

“Phone eats first!” Have you ever heard that statement before? Did it crawl up under your skin and pounce on any nerve it could latch onto? Or, perhaps, did you shout, “Yes! Add that filter! Tag the restaurant in your Insta story!”  Well, whichever side you would defend in a food fight, it is safe […]