Sometimes, eating takes a lot of work. When you’re in between classes and the line at the cafeteria is an hour long, you have to bite the bullet and find something to throw together. Not a lot of people have the time or resources to prepare a full meal in college. This is especially true […]

Reputation is everything, right?  Also true when it comes to credit. Establishing and building credit at an early age helps put you in good standing for when you are ready to apply for an auto loan, or even when being considered for an apartment.  When should I establish credit? For most people, their first introduction to credit […]

After moving into your own place, your first trip to the grocery store as an adult can be confusing and intimidating. The “adults” are no longer stocking the fridge and if you weren’t paying attention to how they did it, you may feel at a loss. Grocery stores offer a ton of options, and trying […]