It’s not easy getting older. That might sound a little odd coming from a college student – after all, we’re still fresh faced and young, not even out in the real world yet. As all of the pressures of school combine and our busy schedules make it more and more difficult to do the things […]

80s Movie Must-Haves

There are always pieces of pop culture from previous generations that spill over into the culture of the newer generations: legendary movies, songs and TV shows that have done so well that they still reign supreme long after their time. Whether it be from family movie picks or Netflix suggestions, the plots, words and storylines […]

It’s back to school season! Whether you are a soon to be freshman or a seasoned college student, you know that there is typically a long shopping list of needed items for the dorms. Even though it’s a small living space, the prices for bedding, mini refrigerators, microwaves and more, add up quickly. To help […]

Buying and eating local produce and goods is a great way for students to support local farmers and businesses. East Lansing is home to a couple of exceptional farmers markets and stands both on and off MSU’s campus. Exploring your local farmers markets is a great way to get to know some of the hardworking […]

Some More S’mores

One of the best parts about summer is having bonfires. After the sun has set, everyone sits around the burning logs to tell ghost stories or catch up on all the summer’s events. But the best part of bonfires, by far, is the s’mores. Those gooey, sticky treats only require three ingredients — graham crackers, […]