Warm breeze, sweet smells, bright colors. Soft grass underfoot as step-by-step you make your way through. You stop and inhale slowly, pulling the wonderful scents that Mother Earth has to offer into your lungs. Looking around the sunlight-filled grounds, you wonder what we would do without the beautiful and nutritious happy places we call gardens. […]

What is film? Film is a series of still images when shown on a screen to create an illusion of movement. Films are notorious for leaving viewers in mixed states of emotion as they leave a crowded, pseudo-comfortable-chair filled theater engulfed in the aroma of buttered popcorn. For this issue of ing Magazine, we decided […]

While many twenty-something-year-olds are discovering what they want to do with the rest of their lives, there are some young men and women who have been fortunate enough to determine their paths early on. And at twenty-one years old, senior Carley Burgess has discovered that her greatest passion is working in the film industry. As […]