Love, flowers, chocolate, frigid temperatures, horrible roads, loneliness – February in Michigan is a tough sell. If Hallmark holidays and dressing in layers fail to appeal to you, the best thing about February might be that it is the shortest month. In fact, it’ll probably be half over by the time you’re done reading this. […]

Where can you go to find cookbooks, comics and cuneiform receipts for sheep? Michigan State University’s Rare Books and Special Collections, of course. This library of obscure, ancient, unique or otherwise critical books and documents is nationally regarded and crucial to researchers of all fields.  Besides the obvious candidates for collection, like 13th century songbooks […]

Build yourself up, stave off negativity and have some fun along the way This is admittedly a somber topic to cover around Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, the big, red heart in the middle of your calendar isn’t a charm that can ward off romantic misfortune. If you recently experienced a breakup or even initiated one that […]