Organization stands as an advocate and fighter for change In an age where women are making strides professionally, socially and economically, Michigan Women Forward is the perfect organization to set an example for future philanthropy inspired by the power of women.  Michigan Women Forward began in 1986, thanks to Mary Jo Pulte and her recognition […]

You know the saying “it’s the first day of the rest of your life”? That’s how it feels as you move your belongings into a cramped dorm room, pick out what you are going to wear on your first day of class and plot your inevitable world domination. Countless emotions are running through your head; […]


Spring is right around the corner! It’s hard to think that we’ll be enjoying shorts and walking outside soon, without shivering so hard that we spill our coffee or being that kid who slipped on ice in front of everyone at the bus stop. It’s safe to say that spring brings a lot of positive […]

Most people have heard of these college-student stereotypes: tired, busy, broke and hungry. If you identify with this — we all probably do — it’s unlikely that you’re eager to spend your hard-earned cash on groceries. That’s why the MSU Food Bank, the first college food bank in the country, is so important to over […]