When brainstorming this issue’s theme, we wanted to explore something that was relevant in everyoneʼs lives. And what could be more relevant than something we all literally can’t live without — food. My personal experience with food has been quite the adventure. Growing up in a small town with few ethnic restaurants, my world view […]

The best part about being a Spartan is, hands down, the community that comes with it; you’re connected to thousands of current students and hundreds of thousands of alumni scattered across the world — a handful of these people will become your Spartan family. In this issue of ing Magazine, we want to stress the […]

Pushing the limits

By the time this magazine is in your hands, most of its authors will have graduated. The rest of us will be seniors, trying to soak in each wonderful moment of our final few semesters here at MSU. Freshmen, beware; the time passes quicker than you expect it to. That’s why, in the pages of […]

There is no denying that Michiganders have a particularly unique and sempiternal camaraderie. Maybe it stems from the frigid winters we endure, the varying regional cultures from which we come, or the love we all share for the glorious freshwater lakes that surround our multi-peninsula state. Whatever it might be, both homegrown and adoptive residents […]

It’s easy to get caught up in negativity and forget to appreciate positive aspects of life: the feeling of sun on your face after a long winter; gloomy, rainy days that become relaxing; or friends who can make you laugh even when you’re drowning in piles of homework. These hints of positivity may seem few […]