It’s easy to get caught up in negativity and forget to appreciate positive aspects of life: the feeling of sun on your face after a long winter; gloomy, rainy days that become relaxing; or friends who can make you laugh even when you’re drowning in piles of homework. These hints of positivity may seem few […]

March 20 will mark the first day of spring, and you’ve probably already heard your friends utter the classic warmer-weather cliché: it’s time for spring cleaning. Some people interpret this in the literal sense. These are the people who will ransack their apartments armed with elbow-high rubber gloves and all-purpose spray. Others will scrub away […]

You’re probably sick of the sticky snow, covering the sidewalks and roads. Are you tired of your cold commutes to class and anxious to be rid of that heavy feeling of being busy every second of every day? With the winter blues upon us here in Michigan, it’s a shame that they don’t give us […]