With fall comes cooler temperatures, colorful leaves and best of all, Halloween. One Halloween tradition that has stood the test of time is the corn maze. Come October, people of all ages choose to spend their nights and weekends getting lost in vast fields of corn. If that sounds like your kind of fun, Bestmaze […]

I see Beaumont Tower every day, whether it’s walking to class or buying groceries. It is the landmark of the university, but I didn’t know anything about it until recently. I had always assumed that the music coming out of the Tower was something classical and pre-recorded. And then one day I was leaving the […]

Since 1872, Michigan State University’s Greek Life has helped create an atmosphere on campus that encourages extracurricular activities. With more than 60 organizations founded thus far and more colonizing each year, Greeks are receiving attention, but not always for the best things. Despite the stereotypes that surround Greek Life, it is important to note that […]

Every March, the American Red Cross dedicates this month to acknowledging and thanking the numerous people who help save lives through their organization. The Red Cross is a charitable organization that depends solely on volunteers and everyday people who are willing to spend their time helping others. Many people assume that the only way they […]

Slam down with the MSU Slam Poetry team in honor of poetry month! Something about red roses and violets that are blue: it’s the line you’ve heard a million times. But despite the fact that this well-known rhyme has come to define the way most people think of poetry, it is actually so much more […]