It’s hard to deny the beauty of Michigan State’s campus in any season. Coupled with the bloom of the springtime, that beauty flourishes even more in every corner of campus. When the bleakness of winter snow melts and lush greens finally come back in view, it truly is a breath of much needed fresh air. […]

The magic of the Paris Opera House will be coming to Michigan State University’s Wharton Center this April. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera is the longest running show in Broadway history. The show follows a deformed composer, known only as the Phantom, who falls madly in love with his protégée, Christine Daaé, […]

East Lansing is filled with college students who are on-the-go and in a hurry, which typically means not getting a real meal after a long day of classes, part-time jobs and internships. The idea of eating healthy can be hard to picture when you are already having a hard time trying to pencil in dinner. […]

Most people in the United States associate Saint Patrick’s Day with drinking, the color green, drinking, shamrocks and even more drinking. However, the history of the holiday honoring Saint Patrick is much more complex. In fact, the color blue, not emerald green, was originally associated with Saint Patrick’s Day, but because Ireland was nicknamed the […]

Whether he is standing tall as a proud bronze statue, emblazoned on a green T-shirt or strutting around the football field in all of his glory, Sparty embodies MSU school spirit and everything it means to “bleed green.” Current MSU students know our mascot as an extremely athletic guy running around in green armor. However […]