Downtown Detroit is on the rise; buildings are being restored, new businesses are opening and The District Detroit will eventually become a revitalized sports district filled with amenities that any city would boast about, including parks, shops, theaters, bars and restaurants. This resurgence of downtown brings consequences, however, as gentrification is becoming an unsettling reality […]

According to USA Today’s 10BEST poll, Grand Rapids is Beer Capital USA. But Michigan’s Capital City is doing its part to keep up with the booming craft beer scene, too. National Beer Day is approaching (April 7) as well as the perfect beer-drinking weather; here are five local breweries and events in the Lansing area […]

Pass or play? Which suit is trump? You hear these questions repeated over and over again while playing Michigan’s favorite card game, but the real questions we should ask are: where did euchre originate? And, why are Michiganders obsessed with this game? The game we now know as euchre evolved from the German game, Juckerspiel. […]

All is quiet in the village square. A soft breeze blows, gently caressing the plants in the windowsills, slightly quivering the hanging clotheslines. The sun is bright and hot, almost unbearably so. Not one person is to be found —all sound is faint, all movement nonexistent. That is, until the jubilant cry travels through the […]