Close your eyes and imagine you’re a refugee. Your home — what you’ve known as a safe, familiar place — is no longer safe anymore. You will face violence and persecution if you don’t leave soon. When you finally make that tough decision to uproot your life, you arrive in an unknown place, burdened with […]

When we think of the word “science,” memories of baking soda and vinegar volcanoes quickly come to mind. The volcano’s eruption is an acid-based reaction, whereby its two ingredients combine to yield carbon dioxide as one of its products. However, did you know this reaction is also used to keep cakes from going flat? Mohammed […]

Many of us hear “journalism” and picture a writer armed with a notepad, eager to report on the latest scoop. However, what it means to be a journalist these days has been radically altered by the Internet -— now anyone can be a journalist. Journalism students across campus are starting to drop their pen and […]