Looking back on high school, we can all agree that it was one of the most difficult times growing up. Between going through “the change” and trying to figure out who or what we wanted to be, it seemed as if we were all going crazy.  When it was time to decide what college to […]

College is full of surprises, both good and bad. With all the obstacles that come our way, it’s amazing that some of us even get to walk across the stage. Being an adult has a way of making you realize how much you didn’t appreciate your childhood or even those horrible years of high school. […]

Not everyone’s post-graduation plans include relocating to a developing nation, let alone dedicating years to volunteering. For Spartans, it’s a common theme to be uncommon. Michigan State University has regularly been recognized as a top volunteer-producing college for the Peace Corps. With numerous graduates spreading around the world, their stories of service continually inspire others […]

Imagine it is the 1980s in Washington, D.C. Political tensions are high, ideals are being tested and the people are restless. Among those people are the youth. They want to be heard and, most importantly, respected, especially the youth labeled as “punk.” The ’80s was bringing in a new generation of punk youth and music […]

The warmer weather in much of the United States represents joy and liberty from the cold winter months ¬ not to mention liberty from layers. During this season of freedom, Americans celebrate Independence Day, honoring America’s adoption of the Declaration of Independence. As an important part of this country’s history, Americans typically commemorate the events […]