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It’s not easy getting older. That might sound a little odd coming from a college student – after all, we’re still fresh faced and young, not even out in the real world yet. As all of the pressures of school combine and our busy schedules make it more and more difficult to do the things we really enjoy, it’s hard not to look back and wonder where all that time went.

After a long summer, we don’t know where you’re coming from. Maybe you’ve traveled across the world, or went back to the place you were raised or just stayed here in East Lansing. This August, we, at ing Magazine, think it’s important to remember our roots, and believe it’s equally important to have a vigor for learning about foreign cultures across the globe. While those two things are important, one thing that we, as young Americans, lose from time to time is a connection to the culture we live in right now.

In our lifetime we have watched as technology has been both criticized and praised for the same thing – world connectedness. We long to learn and to experience things that are foreign to us, yet in our quest to find a home in the next new destination we lose connection with the culture we are living in right now; an interesting paradigm, considering the mantra of our generation is “you only live once.”

Culture is more than a Millennial using a selfie stick and Instagram or a Baby Boomer being “traditional.” Culture is both bigger and smaller than that. East Lansing has its own culture, as does Michigan State University. The sights, the specific spots on campus or around town that make it unique, these things all make up a mini-culture.

With any culture comes a history. As Americans, as MSU students, as residents of East Lansing, as a man or a woman, each person comes with a unique history tied to it. As important as it is to be “in the now,” as our current culture values, it’s also important to value and honor the history of what is now. How things came to be what they are today is just as crucial to be aware of.

With this issue of ing Magazine, we hope that you will discover a little bit of the past as well as a little bit of the now. Honor yourself and your culture and embrace the school year to come!


Ben Lin is a junior studying professional writing and looking to pursue education. In addition to writing for ing, he is also part of the writing teams for MSU Telecaster’s TURN and SideShow. He really likes flannel.


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