Don’t Let “Summertime Sadness” be Your Soundtrack this Season

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Summer is exciting — a time for travel adventures, festivals and concerts. It can also be tough on your budget. While you might have more time for a job in the summer, here are some tips to make the most of your summer while optimizing the amount you are able to save.

Get Outside

With the warm weather, it’s the perfect time to head outside with your friends. The best part: It doesn’t cost a thing. If you have a backyard, try hosting some friends for a bonfire or find a local hiking trail to get some exercise while being social. Most cities and parks host entertainment events that are free or cost very little. Social media or local publications are great ways to get information on these types of events.

Go to the Movies

Movie ticket prices can be steep, especially if you add in popcorn and soda. Don’t stop reading, yet! Many theatres offer discounted ticket prices for matinee movies or weeknight movies to encourage more visitors during times that aren’t as popular. Check out your local theatres to see what deals they offer and take advantage.

Try Ice Skating

This seems odd. Summer and ice aren’t typically associated with one another. That thought is exactly why ice skating can be cheaper in the summer. Rinks want people to come year-round, even when ice skating isn’t a normal activity, so their open skate prices may be discounted. Without a discounted price, open skate is still relatively low cost and there will likely be less people skating … because it’s summer.

We hope you have fun this summer but not at the expense of your financial security. Find some social options that allow you to explore and laugh while keeping your budget positive.