Can We Guess Your Skin Care Routine Based Off Your Nighttime Routine?

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It’s a lot more telling than you think

Do you keep your work/school clothes on when you get home from a long day?

A) No, I need sweatpants on ASAP.

B) Yes, I actually prefer my work wear.

C) I’ll make dinner and then change after that. Food comes first.


What are you cooking for dinner?

A) A green salad.

B) Something I saw on Buzzfeed Tasty earlier.

C) Not sure yet, probably pasta.


Do you check your work/school email after 5 p.m.?

A) Obviously, I need to stay on top of my stuff.

B) Yes, but I’ll only respond if it’s an emergency.

C) The workday ends when I walk out the door, thank you very much.


How do you define “self-care?” 

A) Binge-watching a true crime docuseries.

B) Reading a good book.

C) Taking a bath and putting on a face mask.


Do you exfoliate? 

A) Whenever my skin is dry and flaky.

B) What? Never.

C) Weekly.


Do you shower in the morning or at night?

A) I strictly shower in the morning.

B) I shower whenever my hair stops retaining dry shampoo. 

C) Going to bed dirty? No thank you! I always shower at night. 


How do you feel about sleeping with a flat sheet?

A) Yes, of course. And I make my bed every morning.

B) Why is this even a question?

C) N E V E R.



Mostly A’s: 

You have a no-fuss routine.

You put some thought into what products you’re buying, but you wouldn’t consider yourself a skin care maniac. You’re convinced that people who spend more than $15 on a moisturizer have something wrong with them, but occasionally you’ll dabble with Mario Badescu or The Ordinary if you need a little something extra on a budget. 


Mostly B’s:

You have more important things to worry about.

You don’t know a thing about skin care, or you just have great skin and have never even thought about it. To you, “washing” your face is a 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash that sometimes runs down your face when you’re in the shower. It’s not advised, but hey, if you’re too busy, you’re too busy.


Mostly C’s:

You are a skin care queen.

You live for the 10-15 minutes where you can relax with a mud or sheet mask every night. Cetaphil, who? You spend the big bucks on products from Drunk Elephant, La Mer and TATCHA because skin care is self-care.