Celebrating Singlehood: Why the holidays aren’t always better with a significant other

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If there’s anything single people hate the most, it’s the holiday season. Why is that? Mainly because everybody gets all lovey-dovey and cuddly during this time of the year. So, of course it’s ideal to have someone special to shop for, celebrate with and stay warm next to. After all, it is considered “cuffing” season, or, “when everyone starts getting into relationships.” We at ing Magazine want you to celebrate being single and take this holiday season to be grateful for getting to spend it without a relationship! Here are some reasons why the holidays aren’t so bad alone.

Saving Money
This one is especially nice for college students on a budget. We all know how expensive the holidays can be, so not having a significant other to spend a ton of money on will keep you from overdoing it this year. Not to mention, you can spend the money on things for your family instead, or even treat yourself to something nice.

Spending Time with Family
Being away at college can make it hard to see your family during the school year. The holidays are especially great because it gives us a chance to go home and see our loved ones. In a relationship, sometimes it can be difficult to balance your home life with your relationship. However, being single this holiday season gives you the chance to focus on spending time with your parents, siblings and extended family. After all, it’s only a matter of time before we head back to school and our busy college schedules.

Focusing on Yourself
One of the most important aspects of being single is learning to give yourself some TLC. There’s nothing wrong with not being in a relationship; being single gives you the opportunity to really think about what you want and focus on yourself. Many people look at being single as a chance to better themselves. You’ll have much more time to do the things you’ve been wanting to do or work on the things you want to change. Always wanted to take a kickboxing class? Now’s your chance. Been thinking about a spa day? Go for it. Take some time to yourself by relaxing during these upcoming holidays and really think about all the things you have to be grateful for as you head into the New Year.

The holidays are a time to celebrate. All that matters is that you enjoy the holidays and remember all the good things you have going for yourself. Whether you’re looking for a relationship or not, just remember that being alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. Happy Holidays!


Taylor Downs is a senior professional writing major from Kalamazoo, Mich. You will almost always find her with coffee in hand or hyperventilating at Sephora. She loves going out to eat, indulging in TV reruns and spending time with her family and friends.