College Move-In Specials: Ways to save money

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It’s back to school season! Whether you are a soon to be freshman or a seasoned college student, you know that there is typically a long shopping list of needed items for the dorms. Even though it’s a small living space, the prices for bedding, mini refrigerators, microwaves and more, add up quickly. To help keep this time exciting and free from financial worry, we have a few tips for you!

Look for Move-in Specials at Stores

Stores know college students are on the search for quintessential dorm room items and will offer promotional deals to attract customers. Meijer, Bed Bath and Beyond and Target are a few of the larger stores that have these deals, but also look at the smaller, local stores. They often feature items specifically tailored for dorms and have marked down prices. Researching deals online before visiting these stores is another great way to compare prices and save money. By Rachael Farwell

Share Expenses with Roommates

It is likely that you are moving in with at least one roommate. If so, plan ahead and split costs. It’s unnecessary to have more than one mini refrigerator in a dorm. If you share these appliances, you can save money and space! Depending on your preferences, you could also split the cost of household items such as laundry detergent, mouthwash, snacks, dishes, etc. This will be a money saver during move-in season and throughout
the semester.

Buy Used Items

You’re moving in, which means someone is moving out. Throughout August, check out local garage sales and social media for these items. College students moving into off-campus housing may no longer have use for their mini refrigerators or twin XL bed sheets and might want to sell them, and it will likely be cheaper than buying brand new items.

College is an exciting and informative time for young adults. Start the school year off on a good note by using these money saving tips and searching for the most reasonably priced items for your home away from home.

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