COOKing Veggie Sliders

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What’s more satisfying than a perfectly cooked (veggie) burger? Absolutely nothing. Grab the recipe and follow along with ing‘s latest COOKing video so you can try these awesome burgers for yourself!

Directors: Chloe Becker and Cynthia Bezinque

Editor: Cynthia Bezinque

Assistant Editors: Chloe Becker and Emily Reyst

Videography: Chloe Becker and Cynthia Bezinque

Captions: Emily Reyst

Producer: Cynthia Bezinque

Music: “Spring in my Step” by Silent Partner


Cynthia Bezinque is a senior studying professional writing with a minor in documentary production. When she isn’t working on video production she loves to sew, make stained glass projects and read. Board game nights are a thing in her family.

Chloe Becker is a senior professional writing student with a concentration in environmental studies and biology. She’s well versed in the works of Edgar Allan Poe, as well as the lore of World of Warcraft. Keep up with her (and her pets) on Instagram at @chlopbeck.

Emily Reyst is a senior majoring in professional writing. Outside of writing for ing, she  interns for the Broad College of Business Marketing team and the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing. She was once hit by an airborne pizza box while driving her moped. Follow her on social media for updates in real time. Twitter: @accio_avocado  Instagram: emilyreyst