Picnic Essentials: For the Best Lunch of the Summer

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During this time of year, frequenting popular restaurants and food trucks are everyone’s M.O.; however, constantly going out to eat can get expensive and boring. Sometimes you just need to switch up your palate with something more refreshing that doesn’t break the bank. Picnics are a great solution for the days when you just want to slow down and enjoy quality food with your best buds. Here are some recipes for those perfect summer picnics.



Raspberry Tea  1 Serving


  • ¾-cup hot water 
  • 1 bag raspberry tea
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • ¼-cup lemonade
  • ¼-cup berry of choice


  1. Steep the tea bag in hot water for five to 10 minutes.
  2. Add lemonade and sugar to the tea.
  3. Put in fridge for 30 minutes to chill.
  4. Add fruit and enjoy.



Grilled Chicken and Bacon Baguette-wich 1 Serving


  • 1 small baguette (of your choice)
  • 2 tablespoons sun-dried tomatoes
  • 1 leaf romaine lettuce
  • 1 slice purple onion
  • ¼-cup diced grilled chicken
  • 1 precooked applewood bacon strip
  • 2 slices Havarti cheese
  • 1 dill pickle slice (optional)
  • Avocado mayo (consistency of your choice)


  1. Cut a deep, straight line on top of the baguette.
  2. Spread avocado mayo all over the inside.
  3. Cut two slices of Havarti cheese in half and press two halves on both sides of baguette.
  4. Layer the rest of the ingredients as desired and enjoy.

*If you want to get extra fancy, consider wrapping your baguette-wich in parchment paper and twine.



Frozen Yogurt-sicles 1 Serving


*Measurements are dependent on the size of your popsicle molds.

  • Almond milk
  • Vanilla Greek yogurt
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Popsicle mold


  1. This recipe is a simple, delicious and healthy alternative to ice cream during hot summer days.
  2. Wash the blueberries and strawberries, then set to the side.
  3. Put the yogurt in a mixing bowl and add enough almond milk to create a liquefied base.
  4. Fill your popsicle molds with the fruit until they reach the brim.
  5. Pour the yogurt base into the mold until it hits the brim.
  6. Cover and put in the fridge for three to four hours.

 *Tea recipe courtesy of Treandra Thomas. 
*Grilled Chicken and Bacon Baguette-wich and Frozen    Yogurt-sicles courtesy of Desharra Alexander-Self.