Cultivating Creativity through Confections

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Eleven-years-old and ready to take over the baking world

Abby Langley’s favorite things in the world include pineapples, rainbows and art; you see that through the way she dresses. Even on a rainy day, she can be found with a pineapple shirt, rainbow headband and a smile. On a day when she can do anything in the world, she chooses to spend her days baking and decorating her concoctions for family and friends. She has auditioned for a well-known baking competition show and raises money for local charities. 

Oh, and she’s only 11 years old.

Abby said she has always loved helping out in the kitchen. Over the last year, her passion for baking has exploded. “I love art and I love food, and baking is the way I can do those things together,” Abby said. “My favorite thing to make is cake because you get a blank canvas to decorate.” 

Her creations are as whimsical as her demeanor-cakes that look like doughnuts and cupcakes graced with golden unicorn horns and dinosaurs are among her most memorable works. “My inspiration comes from my family because I like to make things they’ll like to eat, and rainbows because I like the bright colors.” she said.

Her baking talent at such a young age isn’t the most remarkable thing about Abby. What shines through most, in the way she speaks and carries herself, is her heart. A grin consumed her face as she talked about her love of baking for other people. “It’s so Abby,” said Rachael Langly, Abby’s mom. “Baking is one part of it, but giving it to somebody else and having a person in mind who she’s making something for it is so much of the fun for her.”

“People have actually asked me to make stuff for them, and it makes me feel so good to be able to make something and fill their order,” Abby said. Not only does she love baking things for others, but Abby also likes to use the money she makes to help others, from buying little presents for her siblings to donating to local charities. 

“She always wants to give with the money she makes,” Rachael Langly said. “Abby doesn’t think of what she can do for herself it’s really about how she can make someone’s day.”

Abby is wide-eyed and is already thinking about what her baking future could look like. She’d like to open her own cake shop and name it Imagine Cakes, and she dreams of her own baking show. Her show would consist of teaching people to bake and, of course, hand-delivering each thing she makes to her customers. 

If you want to place an order with Abby and stay updated with her baking adventures, you can contact her and her mom on Instagram at @DaPineappleLady23.