Hungry and Cold? Local eateries to keep you warm when you most need it

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Go outside right now. If your first thought is, “but it’s too cold,” then you probably don’t want to risk frostbite in order to get a comforting, warm bite to eat. In the middle of winter, it’s best to remember that there are food establishments in and around East Lansing that will deliver to your place of residence so you can stay warm on your couch, wrapped in your favorite blanket.


No Thai!

Located on Grand River Ave., No Thai! is the perfect blend of Thai-cuisine and warm comfort food. From perfectly portioned appetizers to steaming Thai classics like Pad Thai and Drunken Noodles, No Thai! serves up fresh, quality food that’s sure to be a comfort on a cold winter day.

“Their food is definitely warm, most of the dishes they serve are hot, noodle based, dishes,” said a social relations and policy major at Michigan State. “The food is comforting with a kick. If you’re the kind of person who wants something more than your average pasta dish, No Thai! is the way to go.”

In addition, their delivery service is especially timely; the delivery drivers typically arrive with your food earlier than expected, which is always a bonus.



If you’re looking for a heavier option, Conrad’s is the way to go. For fairly cheap prices, you can get a whopping wrap or sandwich that’s sure to fill you up. Essentially, you get a lot for your money. Their wraps are warm and slathered with various types of typical sandwich elements and special ingredients, like tater tots. As a result, some clean-up may be required afterwards, but it’s worth it. Conrad’s mixes unique flavors that one might not expect to work well together, but they somehow manage it successfully. If you’re looking for comfort food that’s simple, cheap and can be delivered quickly, Conrad’s is your best bet. Another great thing about Conrad’s is that they’re open until 3 a.m. on the weekdays and 4 a.m. on the weekends, which makes it perfect for a cheap, late-night meal.


Insomnia Cookies

As a campus favorite, Insomnia Cookies should be your go-to option for all dessert-related needs. Not only do they have different types of delectable, warm cookies, but they also offer a selection of brownies, cookie cakes, ice cream and obviously, milk. After all, what’s a cookie without milk? True to its name, this cookie company delivers late into the night, every night.

Emma Morris, a nursing major, said, “It just sounds too good to be true, really. Insomnia will deliver straight to your door until [2:45] a.m.!”

Next time you’re craving sugary treats, check out Insomnia Cookies – you won’t regret it. 


Noodles and Company

It might be a nationwide noodle chain, but Noodles and Company has earned its right to be featured on a list of local favorites. Their ingredients are fresh and if you want, you can order healthier options like soup, salads and noodle dishes such as the Bangkok Curry and Penne Rosa.

Elizabeth Sauter, an RCAH and political science major, is a big fan of Noodles and Co. “I get the Japanese pan noodles, they’re really good.”

Something unique about the East Lansing location is they often deliver on a bike, which Sauter appreciates. “It’s a lot more environmentally friendly,” she said. “It’s still fast and they get here in pretty good time. I got it in February and it was still warm when it arrived to me. I just really love Noodles and Co.”

The Grand River location takes deliveries until 9:30 p.m. and overall, their prices are cheap for quality noodles.


Stefani Chudnow is a junior double majoring in professional writing and the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities. In addition to ing, she is a stagehand at the RCAH Theatre as well as a devoted Broadway and television enthusiast.