Food, Drinks and Joy

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The power within food and drinks

Food is the best medicine next to laughter. You ever get some food and can’t help but do a little dance? You ever get instantly happy when you see your waiter or waitress coming out with your food? The joy that a good meal, quick snack or a thirst-quenching drink can bring is kind of amazing. Food and drinks have the power to bring people closer. People come together at cookouts and potlucks and bond with one another. They go out for a bite to eat or drinks to get to know each other more. Family and friends celebrate victories with food and drinks. They always said food is the way to a man’s heart, but in all honesty, food is the way to anyone’s heart. 

Although food is a necessity and has the potential to bring so much happiness, we don’t always get the time to enjoy it properly. Your time to cook meals or go out to eat may be limited. Maybe you can never find the time to go out and get a drink. It can be hard to meet up with friends on the weekend nights. You might have to work on the day your friends celebrate a victory. Don’t feel bad, this is a problem anyone can have and most people do. 

But there are places and festivals you can plan to go to with your friends. If it’s planned, you can make the necessary accommodations to be able to hang out and grab a bite with friends and family, or even cook and invite them over. The Michigan Chicken Wing Festival would be a great place to start! Find out what and when it is by reading the article in this issue. 

We here at ing Magazine know how important it is to have a good meal, and we believe in the power of food and drinks. In this issue, we get down to the history of some foods and drinks, mention some food places you may want to try out and introduce you to some people who believe in the joy food brings just as much as us. Check out the variety of foods from dessert recipes to internet foods (see what the internet’s food obsession is about). For people who may not have the time to follow a recipe or go out for food, you might want to read about the meal prep option that can save you money!

You may not believe in the power of food right now, but visit the Chicken Wing Festival and you might just change your mind. Take the time, meaning plan out the time to make some brownies for brunch, or try cooking some food for your next tailgate instead of buying food after. Then, you tell us if the power is real or not.