Live from Lansing: Exploring local music venues

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Music is a universal language, and many people enjoy going to concerts to experience their favorite artists perform live. Going to concerts can become an expensive pastime depending on how many shows you attend and where the concerts are being played. This is where embracing your local music scene comes in handy! Tickets for shows played at smaller venues are typically less expensive than arena tickets, and the artists who play there are great. Lansing is home to quite a few concert venues that support local and national acts. 

Blue Owl Coffee
Located in REO Town, Blue Owl Coffee is the hipster coffee shop that everyone dreams of. The cozy ambiance, natural light and delicious, caffeinated concoctions keep people coming back for more. While Blue Owl isn’t exactly a “concert venue” there is plenty of music to be heard there. With Monday nights being Open Mic Night and Friday nights dedicated to showcasing a local musician, performers and listeners alike can find something to love!

Mac’s Bar
If a hole-in-the-wall dive bar is more your style, be sure to check out Mac’s Bar on Michigan Avenue. With a more rock and roll vibe, artists like Michigander, Macklemore and Manchester Orchestra have graced the stage. Most of the shows at Mac’s feature energetic acts that the crowd feeds from, making for an exciting concert experience. Mac’s has concerts almost every night of the week, so there are plenty of opportunities to check out the talent. 

The Loft
A little more on the mainstream side, The Loft is one of the larger concert venues in the Lansing area. Artists from all genres and backgrounds perform at The Loft, giving our community endless options when it comes to concerts. From rock, to rap, to EDM, The Loft supports artists who are pretty well known within their respective genres. Since the artists that play at The Loft are a little more mainstream, the shows are always lively and well attended. 

Lansing has plenty of musical artists to listen to and places to go to experience the local music scene. Not only are you supporting up-and-coming artists and small businesses, you are also exploring your community and engaging with it. If you’re looking for something fun and inexpensive to do this weekend, go check out a live show!