Mitten Born & Raised

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There are countless restaurants and eateries on Grand River Avenue: pizza places, Chinese take-out utopias, ice cream pit-stops and a slew of fast food staples. But now, there’s a brand-new bakery — a homegrown one at that.

Inside Brookfield Plaza off Grand River in East Lansing sits Mitten Raised: a bake shop that makes and sells everything from donuts, cookies, scones and muffins to breakfast sandwiches and even wedding cakes. Though the bakery’s menu has its main stays, new flavors and enticing combinations are ushered in every few days. The results? Lemon matcha donuts with raspberry glaze, Toasties (cinnamon maple french toast on the go) and a Breggywich (a breakfast sandwich nestled between two waffles). 

For Katie Lambert, co-owner of Mitten Raised, experimenting with baked goods is a way for her to “provide new flavor experiences for the customers they may have never thought to try before — an edible art. Being creative is part of what this passion is all about.”

Not only is Katie passionate about baking, she’s trained in it. After graduating from Grand Valley State University, she spent years in Vail, Colorado, learning about high-end desserts from pastry chefs before heading to Maui to work at Spago, Wolfgang Puck’s world-renowned restaurant. Her experiences learning from world-class chefs prepared her to move home and open her own business.

“Mitten Raised was started in September of 2016, and we officially opened our storefront in May of 2017,” Katie said. “I’ve been baking for about nine years and have always wanted to open my own shop. My brother [Joe] knew this and decided to help make it possible by surprising me with the LLC to kick it all off.”

The last step for the Lambert siblings was to come up with the name. They chose “Mitten Raised” because of the love they have for their home state. “My brother and I were born and raised in East Lansing and we wanted our brand to represent what we do from where we are from,” Katie said.

Though their East Lansing location is just a few months old, Joe and Katie are no strangers to the brick and mortar lifestyle. Mitten Raised began as a storefront in Okemos, but after their lease came to an end and the building they were operating out of was sold, Katie said they were “lucky enough to find a home here in East Lansing where we grew up.”

It’s safe to say the people of East Lansing are happy about the move. On Feb. 10, the grand opening for their new location, the siblings sold out of almost everything despite a snow storm. Katie hopes to continue to pique the interest of the community and foster a relationship with East Lansing residents and MSU students.

“We want to capture the community as a whole and provide an experience for everyone to enjoy,” Katie said. “We are extremely proud to call East Lansing home. None of this would be possible without the community’s continued support. We cannot thank everyone enough!”

Mitten Raised is located at 1331 East Grand River Avenue and is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information or to place an order, visit