One-of-a-Kind Ice Cream in Lansing

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The inside scoop on the best ice cream in the Lansing Area

There is truly nothing more refreshing than ice cream on a hot summer’s day. Although it is cold in Michigan throughout most of the year, give the state a little credit for having unique ice-cream parlors. We’re not talking Cold Stone, Baskin Robbins or Dairy Queen – we’re talking one-of-a-kind ice-cream spots to hit up all summer long. In the midst of summertime, the urge to explore tends to increase. What a fun way to explore the city around you by purchasing ice cream from local businesses you may have never heard of before. Whether you are spending your summer in East Lansing or coming back in the fall, here are one-of-a-kind ice-cream parlors to check out. 

Arctic Corner
Arctic Corner has been serving ice cream since 1953. This Old Town creamery has received awards for its ice cream, including an award for the best ice cream in Lansing. Arctic Corner serves a variety of treats, including banana splits, brownie sundaes, slushies with ice cream and floats. Check “exploring Old Town” off your summer bucket list and stop by Arctic Corner to try their award-winning lemon soft-serve ice cream.

Unicha Tea and Ice Cream 
The rolled ice-cream trend has made its way from Thailand to East Lansing. Unicha Tea and Ice Cream is on the outskirts of campus. The preparation process of this delicacy is eye-catching. Different ice creams, along with the fresh toppings of your choosing, are mixed on a frozen, metal base. In due time, a bouquet of rolled ice cream is waiting for you. See this handmade treat come to life for yourself.

Capital City Scoop 
If you want to explore off-campus this summer, Capital City Scoop is by Cooley Law School Stadium in downtown Lansing. Opened in 2013, the parlor dishes out ice-cream items from Monstrous Banana Splits to malts as well as serves food combos around lunchtime. You won’t miss the taste of campus because Capital City Scoop sells MSU Dairy Store ice cream. While in downtown Lansing with your ice cream in hand, check out the Lansing City Market or take a stroll through the Lansing River Trail. 

MSU Dairy Store
There are two MSU Dairy Store locations that you can visit anytime: Anthony Hall and the MSU Union. Every item from the dairy store – including cheese – is made with care at the Dairy Plant.  “Students are a part of every process in ice-cream making, from pasteurization to packaging to scooping in the store,” said Brekelle Wiedenmannott, an MSU Dairy Store manager. Wiedenmannott added that people can observe the cheese and ice-cream production process from the observation deck from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.