Use That “Useless” Knowledge! The Best Trivia Nights in the Lansing Area

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Maybe you can name the capital of every country in the world, or maybe you know a little bit too much about hit songs from the ‘80s, or perhaps you just like to go out and have a good time with friends. Whatever your motive, bar trivia nights can be the perfect place to show off your knowledge or enjoy the company of others. 

“To me, the appeal of trivia nights is being able to compete with your friends in a game of knowledge while grabbing a meal,” MSU Alum and avid trivia-goer Jonathan Jordan said. “It never really matters how well my team does, but it’s a great opportunity to find out what kind of things people know about and are interested in.”

There are plenty of places to put your knowledge to the test in the Greater Lansing Area. You could even spend every night Monday through Thursday going to trivia nights if you felt so inclined. 

College Town Classic

Crunchy’s | East Lansing | Tuesdays

An MSU favorite, Crunchy’s hosts two free-to-play trivia games every Tuesday night. Tuesday also happens to be South-of-the-Border night at Crunchy’s, so teams can enjoy some Mexican food while they battle for intellectual supremacy. Crunchy’s trivia is powered by the quiz website Sporcle Live and features questions from a variety of categories, so there are bound to be a few questions that your team can guess right no matter how cultured you are. Plus, you have a shot at winning a gift certificate to spend on some of Crunchy’s fantastic food (or drinks).

Quiz and Bowl

City Limits | East Lansing and Mason | Wednesdays (East Lansing) and Thursdays (Mason)

City Limits is a bowling alley, bar and grill with two locations in the Lansing area. Their DJ team trivia is open to all ages and features questions from many categories. The DJ fills the time between the questions with songs that often give hints to the answers. Plus, after all that trivia, you can give your brain a rest by knocking down some pins. This location is Jordan’s favorite. “The place has a great atmosphere, good food and quality trivia hosts,” he said, adding that “the competition is always fierce.” 

Nationwide Nerd Craze

Multiple Locations | Lansing and East Lansing | Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

Geeks who Drink is a team trivia game that rotates between traditional trivia and themed nights for various movies, music and television shows. Starting out in Colorado, the company now hosts games all over the country with a few in the Lansing area. On Monday nights the Unicorn Lounge in Old Town hosts the event, and on Thursdays Harry’s Place is the haven for drinking geeks. In East Lansing, you can play on Wednesday nights at HopCat. The themes of each night rotate, and the winners can get featured on the Geeks who Drink website, so there is fame at stake. 

These are just a few of the highlights in the Lansing area, but your own preferences will decide where your crew goes to get their quiz on, so try a few. Almost all bars have a league format, which gives you a better chance to win cool prizes if you get a group to go regularly. Whether you join a group or start your own, there are plenty of spots for you to finally use your encyclopedic knowledge of ‘90s television, or whatever it is that you know better than anyone else.