Profile: Kinesiology Researcher

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An interview with Maddie Kohler, a kinesiology minor

Being a college student always has its perks. One of these perks is on-campus jobs offered to students. Many of these jobs are made for specific majors and minors where students receive a lot of experience in the career they are going into. At ing Magazine, we took a look into what being a kinesiology major or minor would be like for some students.

Maddie Kohler, an MSU junior with a major in psychology and a minor in kinesiology, works at the institute for the study of youth sports at Michigan State University, where she conducts interviews with MSU athletes and coaches. After these interviews, she analyzes the data to try and find different variables depending on the subject of the study.

“I love my job. I think it’s insane how much your mental state affects athletic performance and all the variables of brain capacity that also play a part in that,” Kohler said. This job is helping Kohler further her knowledge in her studies and set out a possible career path.

Kohler went on to say, “I think talking to professional athletes is really cool. These are celebrities and stuff, so it’s really interesting to hear what they have to say outside of television. I mean, these are people I’ve read about for years, so getting to meet them is really exciting.”

Interviewing athletes can sometimes take a turn that you weren’t expecting. For example, Kohler explained a time when she interviewed an agitated athlete.

“There was this one time, when this kid was going on a rant about the referees and started swearing up a storm. He called his teammates and the referees all sorts of names. When he had calmed down, his eyes got really wide and he said, ‘Oh man, I’m so sorry. I probably can’t say ‘shit’ on here, can I? Shit, I did it again.’ This poor kid kept going and it was cracking me up.”

Kohler reflected on her job and why she would recommend it to others.

“I would recommend this job if this is a career path they’re looking for. It taught me a lot about how to talk to people.”

No matter what you’re doing at your on-campus job, you’re most likely gaining valuable skills that will make you a marketable candidate in the working world.

There are many jobs on campus for all sorts of majors and minors. Plus, many of these jobs are flexible with hours and don’t take up much of your time. Talk about the real deal, right? Not only will you get paid, but you are also gaining experience and knowledge about your chosen career.


Amanda Kimmen is a senior majoring in professional writing who is on the editing and publishing track. She has a passion for health and fitness, so you can assume that the gym is her natural habitat. When she isn’t working out, she is usually snuggled up with a good book and a cup of coffee.