Humans of MSU

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We’re all human

“I am from the Chicagoland area in the northwest suburb of Palatine. I am just a 40-minute train ride to the Loop and although there are a million amazing restaurants in Chicago, my favorite burger lies in Palatine, Illinois. Brandt’s is a locally owned pub in an old farmhouse with loads of charm. They have mouthwatering half-pound burgers that I crave every time I am home, but what makes it even better is always running into people you know when you’re there.

I have been going to Brandt’s since I was 3 or 4 and used to always play eye spy with my brother while we waited for our food and sipped kiddy cocktails. Brandt’s is packed with good memories and great people who grew up alongside me, I’ll never pass up the opportunity to catch up with friends over a Brandt’s burger. Brandt’s is as close to a hometown joint as you can get in the Chicago metropolis, I think that’s why we hold it so close to our hearts.”

“My favorite thing about my hometown is the location. I live right outside the historic downtown of Ellicott City that has been around since 1772. This small downtown, with brilliant historic buildings, allowed me to have a small-town feel and support many local businesses. It always gave me a very cozy feeling, whether it was sitting in the local coffee shop or talking to a local artist about his work and clothes prints. My hometown is located 15 minutes outside of Baltimore and around 50 minutes outside of Washington D.C. This allowed me to also experience city life, which can be anything from nightlife to sports games and even protests. I credit my hometown location for molding me into the person I am today and allowing me to see three different types of hometowns all in one while growing up.”

“My hometown is Naperville Illinois. What I love most about being home is seeing my family, friends and all of the guys I grew up playing hockey with. I come from a hockey family so going to my little brother’s games, and cheering him on is always a great time. All of my friends turned 21 in the last year so catching up at the bars with everyone is something that I always look forward to. It’s great to hear about everyone’s lives at different colleges, and what path they are going down with their future endeavors. Besides hanging out with friends and family I also look forward to walking around downtown Naperville, going into stores and saying hi to people I went to high school with. I don’t get the chance to be home very often so I always try to make the most of it by being with all of the people I care about.”

“I grew up in Livonia, Michigan from around sixth grade until I graduated high school. One of the biggest things I miss about home is being around my family – I really miss my mom making us food all the time, especially being in college and eating the same four things every day. I also miss just hanging out all together at the dinner table talking about random things. Now that we’re all in different cities, I miss how easy it was to spend time as a whole family without having to do much planning to make that happen. Another thing I loved about home is that my room had a big bay window with a bench I could sit on, which I always thought was super cool as a kid. My dog Moose also loved sitting there, and I miss coming home from school to him just chilling in my room and staying there for hours.”

“My favorite holiday tradition is getting together with my family and making Christmas cookies and decorating the tree. It’s so fun because even though all of my siblings are in college or graduated, we can all come together and spend time for the holidays. Also, for hometown traditions, every August in a little town near me called Milford there is a big craft show, Milford Memories, that everyone around the area goes to. It’s fun to see everyone I went to high school with and catch up every year.”