Moving into a New Space: Tips to make your dorm room feel like home

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Moving into a dorm after being home for months can be an exciting experience. It can take a while to get adjusted and comfortable to a new space with new people, especially if you’re a freshman who’s unfamiliar to dorm life and feel a little homesick. You can ease your transition to living in your new home for the year by simply decorating your space.


While sleeping accommodations take a while to get used to when living with a new roommate, lying comfortably in your bed can be immediate. Dress your bed in a comforter that looks amazing and feels wonderful to sleep in. Don’t forget blankets to wrap yourself in when autumn arrives. Also, consider getting a foam mattress topper; sleeping without one isn’t something we recommend.


Staring at blank walls, plain desks and empty spaces can be depressing. If you really want to make yourself at home, consider adding wall art to bring in some color. Hanging up posters or taping pictures of family and friends can lift your mood. If you have a specific aesthetic in mind, try making wall art with decorative washi tape. It’s easy and fun to do. The best part is that it can be used on other surfaces such as your door, desk, wires and laptop. If you need a little more to help set the room, buy some contact paper (or shelf liners) to pair with the washi tape. Adding greenery like succulents or air plants can help a lot, too. If you’re not a fan of harsh fluorescent lights being an eyesore, I recommend getting warm, yellow Christmas lights to give you that cozy feel all year long.

Personalizing and Cost

Personalizing your space is possible without spending a lot. The key is in small details and knowing where to shop. Everyone’s different and our spaces show it. Personally, I like to keep everything organized and match a theme; hence my room resembling a Pinterest board and always being clean. The best way to save money is to do two things: First, price-match items from both online and in-store; and second, DIY it. I really wanted a marble desk but couldn’t afford one. To bypass that, I purchased contact paper that resembled marble, applied it on my desk and finished it off with gold washi tape. The cost added up to $9.87.

Head into this new semester with confidence and security inside your newly decorated dorm room.