MSU’s Guide for Getting the Job – Career Services gives us the inside scoop on how to search for and secure a summer job or internship without all the added stress

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Whether you’re an adventurous young freshman, just getting familiar with the countless opportunities MSU has to offer, or a graduating senior clinging on to the last bit of the college experiences you have left before the real world.

For many of us, thinking about and trying to plan out the future can be extremely daunting and stressful. The thought that 3,000 other students around you are also vying for the same jobs and internships doesn’t help alleviate any of the stress either.

Luckily as MSU students we are offered numerous opportunities and resources from Career Services that help us prepare for career fairs.

In case you missed any of these opportunities, we sat down and talked with Bill Morgan, a career services coordinator, and Scott Gring, a career peer with Career Services, to get their advice on how students should prepare for the upcoming summer jobs and internship career fair on March 14 at the Breslin Center, and the inevitable job search that lies ahead.

Gring, who helps students with their resumes and interview skills, explained it’s never too early to start thinking about jobs, internships and what you want to do after college.

“The opportunity to talk to employers, even if they’re only looking for juniors and seniors, is still a good opportunity to hone in your skills,” said Gring.

He explains, however, that before talking to employers, students should definitely do their homework. Knowing what the company expects from their employees and how they operate can give students a leg up when it comes to introducing themselves on the day of the fair.

“The first initial question is always going to be the most awkward, so having the confidence of [knowing] what you’re looking for is key. And once you talk to that first employer, the ball will get rolling and the rest will be easy,” said Gring.

Morgan also stressed the importance of being prepared, explaining that the students who go in with prior research typically end up with summer internships and jobs when the career fair is over.

Another important item Morgan mentioned to prepare is your resume. Whether your resume is just a bunch of bullet points on a napkin or only in need of a few tweaks, Morgan explained that students should be constantly trying to seek out advice and improve their resumes so it accurately reflects who they want to be as professionals.

He added that students should know what’s on their resume and be able to talk about their different experiences.

“It’s your story, and you need to be able to tell your story,” said Morgan. “When you walk up to somebody at a career event, you need a short introduction … as to who you are and where you’re heading.”

The last advice Morgan wanted to leave students with is this: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Don’t feel discouraged if you find yourself walking out of a career fair without an interview or job. There are plenty of other resources offered by Career Services, including their online job site Handshake, that help students find their dream job.


Jonathan Shead is a senior studying professional writing and journalism. Outside of writing for ing he also writes for Impact 89FM, MSU’s student-run radio. His passions include music, basketball and playing the drums. When he’s not writing, he can be found jamming out to the latest music or exploring the documentary section of Netflix.