Brighten Your Space: Adding Light to Your Home

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Whether you live in a dorm, apartment, house or any other place you call “home,” it can be a fun challenge to customize the space to reflect your personality and taste. 

An easy way to add practical decoration is by utilizing string lights, lamps and taking advantage of natural light. Thumbtacks and nails can be used to hang lights on walls or mantles.

Just because you may not have the natural light for plants doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some greenery. Use fake leaves and plants in clear jars to add a touch of the outdoors, or stack dried plants and flowers for a more vintage feel.

Posters are a great way to showcase your personality and what’s most important to you. Use thumbtacks or masking tape to attach them to the walls. You can use binder clips on the bottom of the posters to weigh them down without adding additional holes or risking rips. You can also use posters or other signs to mentally “brighten” your space through positive affirmations or other encouraging notes.