Meet the Staff Halloween Edition

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Kelsie Donaldson

“My favorite Halloween memory is actually something that happened every year. I would go trick-or-treating with my two best friends and brother and, after we got back, we would dump our candy onto the floor and sort it all out. Then we would go through a huge trading process where the kids — and sometimes the parents — would negotiate candy trades. I remember that my favorite was always Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, so I would try to collect as many of those as I could. I love thinking back to those trading sessions and how proud we were of our candy collections!”

Arik Hardin

“My favorite Halloween memory is one that happened most years when I was young; my sister, cousins and I would gather around after our hard hours of trick-or-treating and show off what we had earned. Occasionally we would trade, and I would do anything I could to get my hands on Dots; for some reason I believed they were only made in tiny boxes for Halloween, and I wanted to make sure I got as many as I could.”

Allison Bertram

“My favorite Halloween memory was when I was eight years old and went to Disney World with a big group of family members. I dressed up as a snow queen. My cousins, brother and I got to trick-or-treat around Magic Kingdom. The Disney characters had their special Halloween costumes on, along with all the kids visiting the park.”

Leah Boelkins

“My favorite Halloween memory was wearing this Snow White costume not only on Halloween, but probably 50 percent of the other days of the year as well. And my least favorite Halloween memory has definitely got to be that haircut.”

Reyna Hurand

“My favorite Halloween memory was carving pumpkins with my family. I remember my sisters and I used to put on our costumes — like the one I’m in here — and blast “Monster Mash” or “The Witch Doctor” through our stereo. It was just a way for everyone to get into the Halloween spirit and spend quality time together.”

Emily Jenkins

“My favorite Halloween memory is reading books with my family after trick-or-treating. My mom, dad, two little sisters and I would cuddle up on the couch and read spooky stories while indulging in our favorite sweets. This particular Halloween, I was a lion and one of my sisters was a matching tiger. The best part about our costumes? They had buttons that roared.”

Emma Moller

“I always enjoyed going trick-or-treating with my dad and my slightly obese chocolate lab, Nestle; my mom would have come with, but she had to hand out candy for other trick-or-treaters. So, my dad, Nestle and I would go around to our neighbors and get candy. As we were walking around, I would keep asking my dad, ‘May I have a piece of candy?’ to which he would reply, ‘Emma, today is the only day you don’t have to ask permission to eat candy. Eat as much as you want.’ Thankfully, even as a kid, I had some self-control.”

Emily Orlando

“I’ve never been much of a Halloween person — I know, sue me — but this is my favorite Halloween memory, because I remember I got to wear makeup: My mom used her eyeliner to draw a cat nose and whiskers on me and she finished off the look with a touch of lipstick, which made me feel really cool and grown up. I love this picture; you can tell by my huge smile that I feel super glamorous.”

Cassidy Johncox

“Halloween has always been my favorite holiday of the year. My favorite part of Halloween was taking on the role of whatever character I dressed up as. My mom always handcrafted my costumes, so it was fun to wear something unique each year. She did dress me up as a cat a few times, though, which I never really understood since I’m allergic.”

Hannah Bullion

“As a child, my favorite Halloween memory was never about trick-or-treating or dressing up. I always loved everything that led up to Halloween: watching spooky movies like “Halloweentown,” picking pumpkins and going to the cider mill. Though this photo makes me look like I love Halloween, I was just really angry I had to wear that hat.”