MSU, We love thy Seasons A year-round look at the most photogenic campus in the U.S.

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Michigan is without a doubt the best state in the U.S.; with endless activities, beautiful scenery, diverse cities and friendly people, what’s not to love? We also get to experience these things in four beautiful seasons. Ing Magazine may be biased, but we can’t resist sharing our favorite photos from Michigan’s most-Instagrammed spot — MSU!


It’s the most confusing time of the year: It can be 70 degrees in March and snowing in April, while you’re still trying to find the motivation you never had after winter break. Despite all of that, MSU’s campus is full of budding beauties this time of year.


We can’t get enough of MSU’s agricultural roots. Taking a walk through the W.J. Beal Botanical Garden can be the perfect study break amid those accelerated summer courses. Most students don’t stick around East Lansing for the summer, making it the most peaceful time of year on campus.


Fall in Michigan seems to never last long enough before the snow starts to fall. MSU’s abundance of trees provide the perfect setting to enjoy this short-lived season. Whether it’s walking to your 8 a.m. class or playing Frisbee with friends, take the time to soak up these vibrant colors.


For many students, winter can be a struggle. The first snow is a sure sign that the end of the tough fall semester is near. You can wish it away all you want, but there’s something magical about how the snow sticks to the pine trees — and to your face as you walk to class.