Pets of ing

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Here at ing, we believe that you’re only as good as the pets you come home to. Luckily, we have some pretty great ones. Here are our staff picks for “Best Pets.” So what if we’re a little biased? 


Nathan (fish): I never grew up with a dog or cat because my mom is allergic. My roommates and I pet-sit Nathan the beta fish for a friend. According to his owner’s son, “Nathan is the best fish ever.” We all agree! 


Gertie (dog): I don’t have a dog, but luckily my roommate does! Gertie is a miniature dachshund with a big personality. Her most common nicknames include “Gertie McGoo”, “Demon Dog” or “Precious Princess.” Her favorite foods include popcorn, street pizza and whatever you have in your hand. 


Maximus Jasper (dog): Say hello to Maximus Jasper, my wonderfully problematic toy poodle. Max loves bike rides, napping on cozy pillows and blankets, playing with his 37 toys and occasionally scaring the neighborhood residents. His favorite food to eat is his dog food topped with steamed rice and ground lamb. Despite being a tad spoiled, he shows his love by always cuddling me when it’s time to sleep.


Peanut (dog): Peanut, otherwise known as “Peanut Butter”, “Princess Peanut” or “The Poo”, was adopted by my family when I was in middle school. It took her a few months to warm up to us, but now she’s the favorite child! We treat her like a puppy even though she’s an old lady, and she truly is our princess. Her favorite activities include terrorizing the FedEx guy, staring at me with her one working eye and begging for popcorn. 


Gigi (dog): Gigi is a sweet, playful maltipoo that joined my family last November. Her favorite treat is ice; if you take so much as one step toward the freezer, she gets excited. Gigi has two moods: crazy and sleepy. When she’s crazy, all she wants to do is play and run around in the backyard. When she’s sleepy, she wants to cuddle and nap on your lap with a cozy blanket.

Bodie (dog): Bodie is my boyfriend’s english setter, but we’re best pals! This handsome pup lives in Traverse City and he is spoiled rotten. His favorite thing to do is play fetch on the beaches of the Sleeping Bear Dunes, no matter the season. He shares a house with Olive (otherwise known as Wumpus), a sassy tabby cat who is definitely the boss of him.


Cooper (dog): Cooper is a beagle-collie mix who pretends to be fearless but is afraid of car rides and bicycles. He was discovered in the middle of the woods in northern Michigan and has traded in his life of adventure for sitting on the couch. An eternal puppy, Cooper still gets into mischief at home, but we can never stay mad at him. Just look at his face.


Silver (dog): Silver is our wild card. She has been a part of my family since I was in the seventh grade. When we rescued her, she was this bony, little dog with an attitude bigger than her body. As she spent more time with us and got more love, she turned into one of the best dogs we have had and that I will probably ever have. She’s my Day One. 

Mango and Flower (cats): Mango and Flower are reformed barn cats. We got the sisters as kittens, introduced them to a bed and treats, and they haven’t looked back since. They still go outside, but come back in for their cuddles and treats when their names are called.

Frenchie (horse): Frenchie is a lot like her Grease namesake. She puts up a hard front, but she’s actually a total sweetheart once she gets to know you. She loves showing off how pretty she is for a crowd and begging for treats. She knows a sucker when she sees one—mostly me. We love to spoil her with treats, scratches and massages.


Charlie (dog): My sweet dog Charlie has been with my family for 13 years. He’s been livin’ the life post-rescue, but has gotten seriously old and senile. He can’t hear very well, so he just kind of stumbles around restless, barking at nothing and demanding attention. He’s lucky he’s so cute.

Honey (rabbit): Honey is my helicopter-eared diva rabbit. He is sassy and knows exactly what he wants: some head rubs and a bite of my strawberry. He devours every table leg and inch of carpet in sight, but it’s all worth it to watch him do cute somersaults in the air. 


Kola (dog): Kola has been in our family for 10 years. Her hobbies include barking at whomever and whatever is outside of our window, begging for “people” food, burying bones throughout our house with imaginary dirt and sleeping the day away.

Phoebe and Eleven (cat, fish): Every morning in my apartment, I hear an eager meow outside of my bedroom door. Once opened, my roommate’s cat Phoebe would zoom over to my desk to greet my fish named Eleven. They had a lot of similarities, such as being named after TV characters, but they embraced their differences. Sadly, Eleven is no longer with us, but I can tell that Phoebe misses her.