Stepping Out: The Lansing River Trail is the Perfect Place to Bike or Hike

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When singing the MSU fight song, or even glancing out a classroom window, Spartans are constantly reminded of the Red Cedar River. It is a major staple of campus culture, and the river trail is perfect for relaxing or taking a stroll. What Spartans might not know is that the trail continues beyond campus borders, all the way to downtown Lansing and the Capitol building. 

Whether you are looking for a nice day hike, a new terrain to conquer with your bike, or just a unique way to get downtown, following the Lansing River Trail will not disappoint. The scent of the forest, the gleam of sunlight through the leaves and the occasional patch of wildflowers provide a relaxing backdrop to any activity. While it is beautiful anytime of the year, in the fall it is especially so, with many trees lining its borders alight with autumn colors. Wildlife common to the trail include deer, geese and small birds, and if you are lucky you might even come across a bald eagle soaring over the water. 

If you plan on exploring the trail, be smart — it is nearly four miles one way, so bring some water and maybe even a friend. You can find the trail’s campus entrance just down Kalamazoo Street past 1855 Place, or you can map to its starting address — 530 S. Clippert St.