The Most Underrated Spots to Relax on Campus

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If you’re spending an entire day on campus working, meeting with advisers and attending classes, sometimes a break is necessary! When you finally have time to relax, it’s hard to kick back when there are about a hundred people around you, each talking loudly and taking up more than enough space. Campus is full of underrated quiet spots to relax on campus when you just need a break — you just have to find them.

Landon Hall – West Circle
For many, West Circle is their favorite part of campus. The picturesque buildings and scenery give it the quintessential university backdrop. Landon Hall was recently renovated to include a new dining hall, so this is the perfect place if you like to snack during your break. The lobby is comfortable, equipped with big couches, chairs and televisions. If you’re musically inclined, you can play a song on the grand piano in the corner. The lobby also has a sunroom attached to it, giving it beautiful, natural light. 

Mary Mayo Hall – West Circle
While Mayo Hall may or may not be haunted, it’s still beautiful! The first floor has plenty of space to sit down on a couch and catch your breath. With large, open spaces, private study rooms and individual tables, there is plenty of room for you to spread out and not get into other people’s business. 

Wells Hall – Central Campus
While Wells Hall may seem like one of the busiest spots on campus, there are plenty of hidden spots in the building that you can escape to if you need a moment to yourself. The B Wing is kind of like a secret treasure. With tables, couches and a hip study area to lounge in, there is plenty of space to kick back. The floor to ceiling windows offer a beautiful view of campus and are a great source of natural light. 

While studying, it is important to feel relaxed, comfortable and focused. It can be hard to do that in a crowded library or study room, but campus is full of spots to buckle down on work. Head out to explore the secret spots that Landon, Mayo and Wells have to offer.