Living with Senioritis

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Whether you take 18 credits or 6, we can all agree that your last semester of college is a bittersweet time. The realization that our college days will soon be a thing of the past can bring on some serious senioritis, which affects everyone a little differently. While senioritis isn’t diagnosable, we came up with a quiz to help you navigate these last months at MSU.

  1. Spring break is the perfect time to…
    1. Get a head start on homework and projects.
    2. Stick around and work as much as you can; nothing feels better than a big paycheck.
    3. Catch up on some well-deserved sleep.
    4. Forget the books at school and go somewhere warm and tropical; we’re on break!

  2. You typically spend your Sunday afternoons…
    1. At the library, doing all the homework you said you would do Friday night.
    2. Standing in line at Golden Harvest.
    3. Binging the latest Netflix Original Series.
    4. In transit back to East Lansing from your weekend trip.

  3. Pick a favorite campus location
    1. Botanical Gardens
    2. Sparty Statue
    3. Spartan Stadium
    4. The Broad Art Museum

  4. Pick a favorite off-campus location
    1. Downtown East Lansing
    2. Meridian Mall
    3. Frandor
    4. REO Town
  1. Complete the sentence: I’m going to decorate my graduation cap with…
    1. A quote from my favorite TV show, of course!
    2. A collage of MSU parking tickets.
    3. Nothing, keeping it simple.
    4. GLITTER!
  1. You show up to your 8 a.m. class wearing:
    1. Jeans and your favorite shirt, because early mornings don’t stop you from feeling your best.
    2. Your favorite jersey … just in case you stop by Rama at The Riv on your way home from class.
    3. What do you mean by “show up?”
    4. Your Groutfit and slippers, because it’ll be the easiest way to go right back to bed as soon as you get home.
  1. It’s a nice day! Where can you be found soaking up the sun?
    1. Playing ultimate frisbee on Adams Field.
    2. Grabbing lunch with friends on Peanut Barrel’s front patio.
    3. Napping in a hammock by the Red Cedar River.
    4. Kayaking the Grand River.
  1. For your senior capstone you…
    1. Are Facebook friends with everyone in class and planning the end-of-the-semester bar crawl.
    2. Have made a few good friends over the years; the professor is one of your favorites.
    3. Have never seen most of the people in your class before.
    4. Checked out a long time ago and are just trying to get that diploma.

Mostly A The Motivated Senior
Senior year doesn’t stop you from doing your best. In fact, it energizes you. This is your last chance to get that elusive 4.0 GPA and put your best study habits forward. You’re determined to end your last year with a bang and high marks. We believe in you, you can do it! 

Mostly B The Nostalgic Senior
You’re not ready to say goodbye to the college days and dive headfirst into the adult world. As graduation approaches you can’t help but get caught up in the memories you’ve made here. You’re using these last months to catch up with friends from freshman year and make the most of your off-campus meal plan and school work. 

Mostly C The Laidback Senior
It’s been an exhausting three years and you’re ready to spend the last months in college enjoying the finer things in life — like sleeping in. Whether you’re feeling burned out or not, you’ve got your whole life ahead to worry about what everyone else is doing, so relax, re-watch your favorite TV show for a third time and hopefully remember to show up on time for graduation.

Mostly D The Can’t-Wait-to-Graduate Senior
You’ve made some great memories at MSU over the years, but it’s time to move on. While you wouldn’t trade them for the world, your peak college days are behind you, and it’s time to make new treads that go beyond the Red Cedar River. Whether it be spontaneous road trips across the state, or spending more time in neighboring Lansing, you’re ready to explore what else is “out there.”