What Fall Outerwear Are You?

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We all have that one jacket or sweater we wear all the time that almost seems to define us. If this isn’t the case for you, take this short quiz to discover your inner outerwear.

 How do you celebrate being done with midterms?

A. Attending a Michigan State University sports event.

B. Spending the day at Uncle John’s Cider Mill.

C. Hitting the books. (It’s never too early to start studying for finals!)

D. Movie night with friends (or maybe just movie night with myself).


Have you eaten all of your Halloween candy yet?

A. I didn’t eat any of it – that stuff’s not good for you!

B. No, I still have some in a jar on my coffee table to offer guests.

C. No, I’ve been rationing it at one candy per day and am still going strong!

D. Of course — I ate all of it that night!


How does your yard look when the leaves start to fall?

A. There are already several raked piles to jump into.

B. It looks peaceful and colorful from behind the Instagram filter I used.

C. The leaves are neatly packed into bags before they even touch the ground.

D. Wait, the leaves have already fallen?


It’s the start of flu season and you’re already sick — which Netflix Original do you binge-watch?

A. Marvel’s “The Defenders,” for the action.

B. “Stranger Things,” because everyone’s watching it.

C. “The Crown” — for the history.

D. “Orange Is the New Black” — for the laughs.


What’s your choice of drink this fall?

A. A piping hot cup of tea before my morning walk.

B. Still scarfing down those pumpkin spice lattes.

C. Coffee of any kind to keep me awake and motivated!

D. Hot chocolate — lots of it.


What do you do when the family gets together for Thanksgiving?

A. Watch the football game.

B. Help prepare the food.

C. Engage your family in a political debate.

D. I’m only here for the food.


Mostly A’s: You’re a comfy quarter zip

You’re an energetic person who likes to spend the fall season outdoors, being active and enjoying the cooler weather. There’s nothing more important than staying fit and healthy, especially with that Thanksgiving meal right around the corner.  

Mostly B’s: You’re a classic cardigan

You’re a social person who is obsessed with fall and loves to make the most of the season. You’ve got that fall aesthetic down to a T when it comes to clothes, food, weekend excursions and your Instagram posts.

Mostly C’s: You’re a smart sweater vest

You’re an intelligent, organized person who sees fall as the time to stay motivated and focused, whether that’s with work or school. You enjoy learning and are always open to conversing with people to gain new perspectives.

Mostly D’s: You’re a cozy hoodie

You’re a casual, laid-back person who prefers to stay indoors and enjoy the season from a distance. There’s nothing you love more on a chilly fall day than to cuddle up with a blanket and a good book or movie, but you’re more than willing to come out of hibernation for those classic fall goodies.