Reconnecting: Past to Present

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With so many holidays fast approaching, home and family seem to be on everyone’s mind. This heartwarming season is about reconnecting and strengthening old bonds, which makes it the perfect time to reach out to long-lost friends. Whether you haven’t spoken in years or just haven’t seen each other since summer break, it’s always nice to catch up. Reaching out may feel awkward, though, especially if it’s been a while since you last interacted. 

Here are some suggestions to ease tensions, break the ice and rekindle old friendships:

Send them a text

Sending a text message or email is a great way to reach out without putting a strain on a busy schedule. More importantly, it leaves the door open for your friend to respond on his or her own time, rather than putting that person on the spot with a phone call. 

Set up a casual meal

Go for a low-pressure and low-stakes situation. Getting coffee or visiting a restaurant can give your friend the incentive to leave the house. Having food in front of you can also provide a great excuse for any awkward silences or lulls in the conversation. The goal is to spend time together. If anyone feels uncomfortable at any point, being in a public place –  like a restaurant or coffee shop – means they don’t have to worry about feeling bad for leaving early.

Invite them to an event

If there’s an event you think your friend would be interested in, invite him or her. Having something else to focus on besides each other can take the pressure off those awkward silences that might arise. You’ll also feel less rushed to figure out the next conversation topic. Not to mention, if the event is something you both enjoy, then you’ll get to bond over the experience. It’s a win-win. 

And remember, people drift apart sometimes, but more importantly people grow and change. You may not have the same relationship as in the past, but your new relationship could be so much better. You’ll never know until you try, so don’t be afraid to say “Hi.” Who knows, they may be thinking of you too.