Underrated Horror Films to Watch This October (Because those mainstream slashers just aren’t cutting it)

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For many horror enthusiasts, October provides the perfect excuse to make yourself comfortable and binge-watch spooky horror films. However, seeing the same horror movies constantly playing can become monotonous after a while. How many times must we watch Drew Barrymore run from a masked serial killer or Linda Blair get possessed by a demon? Don’t get us wrong, classics are great; but we could all use a slight change sometimes. So, here are a few underrated horror films you may not have seen yet. (Beware: they’re terrifying.)

Lights Out: “Lights Out” is a quality ghost story to add to your list. The film follows a girl and her young half-brother struggling with an entity that has attached itself to their mother. The shadowy figure only appears in the dark, and you’ll never expect its next malicious move. The acting and cinematography in the film are excellent so expect to sleep with a night light on for a while after watching.

Train to Busan: In this South Korean horror film, passengers traveling from Seoul to Busan are suddenly faced with a zombie virus outbreak. Director Sang-ho Yeon delivers two hours of action, horror, thrill and drama. You may think you’ve seen every kind of zombie film or TV show out there, but “Train to Busan” is a breath of fresh air. “Be prepared for a roller coaster of adrenaline, tears, fear and fleeting moments of relief,” said avid horror movie fan Stephanie Bentley. “If you’re a junky for disgustingly awesome graphics and gut-wrenching terror, “Train to Busan” will fulfill all of your horror film loving dreams.”

Bubba Ho-Tep: What happens when Elvis and JFK are in a nursing home together? They fight a deadly Egyptian mummy of course. When an ancient entity starts terrorizing nursing home residents, the two icons must join forces to overcome it. ‟‛Bubba Ho-Tep’ is campy, kind of corny and a bit funny,” said horror enthusiast Benjamin Bentley. “I would recommend it to anyone that likes campy horror films or are Bruce Campbell fans.”

The Possession: Do you love exorcism films but are sick of the same plot being recycled over and over? The storyline of “The Possession” puts a whole new spin on the genre. When a family moves into a new home, a young girl buys an antique box at a yard sale — oblivious of the evil spirit resting inside. After she becomes possessed, we follow the characters as they learn about the ancient history of this demon and investigate how they can end the curse.