Finding Neverland The stunning broadway production flies in to Wharton Center

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When Scottish playwright and novelist J.M. Barrie created the enchanting story of Peter Pan, it captured the hearts of audiences everywhere. This December, viewers can escape to the magical world of Neverland and rediscover the power of imagination as Wharton Center showcases the Broadway musical Finding Neverland.

Based in 1903 London, Finding Neverland tells the fictional story of J.M. Barrie, who lacks inspiration after his last play fails. When all hope seems lost, Barrie unexpectedly meets the beautiful widow Sylvia Llewelyn Davies and her four sons: George, Jack, Michael and Peter. What follows is a charming story chronicling Barrie’s adventures with the family as he reclaims the inspiration he thought was lost. His experiences ultimately lead him to write the highly successful play, Peter Pan, which dazzles the fictional London theatregoers.

“I feel like you really develop a relationship with the characters; they come to life,” said Bob Hoffman, public relations manager at the Wharton Center. “Finding Neverland is really about allowing your imagination to run wild. And that’s what J.M. Barrie did. I feel like when I was in the audience, that’s what happened to me: I was transported somewhere else.”

Named winner of’s Audience Choice Award for Best Musical, the production features a stellar cast and crew, including Tony-winner Diana Paulus as director and Emmy-winner Mia Michaels as choreographer. The show also features an original score and a unique, stunning set design, something Hoffman notes he has “never seen at any Broadway show before.”

In addition, Finding Neverland creates a valuable opportunity for those in the Lansing area. Viewers can experience a captivating performance that will be difficult to forget.

“Isn’t it wonderful that we’re able to have this incredible art that you see in big cities like New York and London here in East Lansing at the Wharton Center? And, I think, that’s so important,” said Hoffman. “If MSU students or anyone can come to the Wharton Center and escape for a while, it’s worth it. Theater is magic. And who doesn’t
like magic?”

Finding Neverland will be at Wharton Center from Dec. 12 through Dec.17. For tickets and more information, you can visit