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Spring is right around the corner! It’s hard to think that we’ll be enjoying shorts and walking outside soon, without shivering so hard that we spill our coffee or being that kid who slipped on ice in front of everyone at the bus stop.

It’s safe to say that spring brings a lot of positive vibes. This is the time when you should go through your apartment (or dorm) and get rid of the things that you do not use or that you simply don’t want anymore. Getting old things out makes room for not only new things but the fresh start you promised yourself as you brought in the new year. So, yes, this means letting those floral pants from high school go, because let’s face it — they are no longer in style. Now comes the question: What should I do with the things I no longer want or need? The answer is simple: donate them!

There are many charities around Lansing that take clothing and food donations, including St. Vincent de Paul Society, Haven House and Volunteers of America. Each accepts donations year-round for families or individuals in need. Rather than waste good clothes or food, you should partake in lending a helping hand and possibly changing someone’s life — you could make a stark difference. Being in college and struggling to make ends meet can make it seem impossible to make a difference within your community, but it is not all about how much money you can give.

Haven House not only takes donations, but they also welcome volunteers to come in and play with kids or even cook for families who are staying there. Opportunities like these are what can shape a person, and these types of activities help not just the adults, but children who may just need a friend that day to make them smile. So, this spring, join ing in our attempt to do a little spring cleaning — and lend a helping hand in the process.