The Classic American Combo

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Where to enjoy a classic combo of burger and milkshakes 

When we think of American culture during the summer, we can agree a nice, juicy hamburger and cold milkshake is something a lot of us enjoy! The real question is where are the best ones in the Lansing area? And do you go to a chain or find a place with more personality? 


Good Truckin’ Diner:

When you walk into the doors of this REO Town diner, you are instantly greeted by the waitstaff, as the diner itself cannot be more than 300 square feet. The dining room has about 10 tables and a few seats at the bar. You can watch the cooks prepare your meal, as the stove is open for all to see. 

The menu is expansive, but we’re here for the basics: burgers and milkshakes. The names of the burgers have a creative flair, from a regular burger called “Imboring” to a hot and sweet burger called “Sweet Heat.” Anyone can find something to their tastes. It’s not just the name that’s special though. “The Mac Attack” is an example, as the burger is served with a scoop of actual macaroni and cheese. 

The menu consists of a variety of choices for milkshakes to satisfy your sweet tooth. Based on and topped with classic breakfast cereals, the shake can both be your dessert for the meal and a nostalgic nod to your childhood. “The Captain,” a favorite for many and recommended by the staff, has not only the cereal blended right into the mixture, but has crumbles of the peanut-butter cereal served on top of whipped cream.



If you’re looking for a good burger-and-milkshake combo from a reputable source without going to a multi-billionaire corporate place, look no further than Culver’s! This restaurant is clean and has a cheerful atmosphere when you enter the doors and you are greeted by staff wearing the iconic blue uniform. The aroma of their never-frozen beef, which helps ensure the freshness of the meat, surrounds you and your mouth immediately salivates. 

The menu fits a lot of people’s nutritional and dietary needs by adding an allergen grid that lists the common allergens in all of its menu items, and the burgers are no different. The burgers are served on a buttered roll that is soft and fluffy, while also not falling apart right away. The meat is appropriately juicy and the choice of toppings is entirely up to you.

If you want a frozen beverage, you don’t have to solely rely on the traditional milkshake either. Culver’s also has smoothies and malts to choose from as well! Whatever one you choose you will not regret. 


Steak’ n Shake

Let’s say you have a hankering for a really good, cheap milkshake-and-burger combination. Let’s also imagine that it is after you’ve gotten out of the bar, so where better to go than Steak’ n Shake, which is open 24 hours? 

When you look at the menu, you have your choice of the regular steakburgers, prime steakburgers or specialty steakburgers, all under $10! All of the burgers are also served with their shoestring-style french fries.

The milkshakes are where it is at though. With over 20 different styles, ranging from candy to cereal to classics like strawberry banana, anyone can enjoy their cold dessert! 

No matter who you are or where you come from, there is something about the classic burger-and-milkshake combo that even if you don’t enjoy it, you can respect it. Luckily, the delicious dinner can be found almost anywhere, so the real question isn’t what do we want for dinner, but where are we getting strawberry or chocolate milkshakes?