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Cheap and easy options for spring break that you are going to love

Second semester is almost halfway over. After the end of these 16 weeks, there are only a few months left of the school year, and for some of us, the last spring break of our collegiate lives. If you haven’t already planned your spring break trip and you’re looking for somewhere to go, we have some options for you. With these cheap and easy last-minute spring break trips, you’ll have the time of your life without having to break the bank!

Road trip around the upper peninsula
With this cost effective trip, since you are already in the state of Michigan, you can see a bunch of natural skylines that people all over the world have traveled to see:

The Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is a place where kayaking along the lake is an amazing site to see. Here you can look up at the rocks, wonder how they actually got there and feel a sense of awe with the world.

Kitch-iti-kipi is Michigan’s largest freshwater spring and is so clear you can see right to the bottom. This would be a fun place to hike to or just stare at.

Isle Royale National Park is a place where no cars are allowed, so hiking is definitely a thing. Wilderness is the only outlet for your excursions, so if you like nature, this is the place to be. Moose, elk and wolves roam free and you can see where shipwrecks occurred. How cool!

Road trip around the Lower Peninsula
This is an even more cost effective trip than the UP trip. We are already down in the LP, so all you would need is a few tanks of gas to get you to and fro.

Detroit is always a place to see. There are a variety of views without much cost, like Greektown or Jefferson Ave, where all of Detroit’s famous statues are or the DIA, an art museum right in the middle of Wayne State’s campus. You’ll be right at home with other college students!

Traverse City is a favorite among Michiganders. This is a place where giant sand dunes meet the lake at the Sleeping Bear Dunes, a fun place to see how much you are truly out of shape. You can also find cherry picking, hiking trails and possible ski courses (if it’s cold enough). Glen Arbor is a cool little town around the area, with a smattering of small shops if spending money on knick-knacks is your forte.

Hell. This last stop on your trip will be the best. Just drop by for a Coke with the Devil or stop and see why Hell, Michigan is called what it is.

If you want to drive a little bit further this spring break, this is the place of your dreams. The country music capital of the United States will have you so glad you stopped here. There are so many options for exploring and having a good time.

Check out Graceland, which is Elvis’s House and the meeting place of music fans worldwide. Take a tour of how Elvis lived during his glory years of music. On your way there or back, take a stop at the Country Music Hall of Fame to see how some awesome Country Music has made its way to the top!

Get some Greek culture in your life by visiting the Parthenon Replica, in Centennial Park and stop by Belle Meade Plantation to see an original pre-Civil War plantation restored.

Don’t forget the best parts of Nashville: live music everywhere and tons of barbeque. Who doesn’t love listening to live music and eating good ol’ fashioned barbeque?

New Orleans
For those of you willing to drive a little bit further this spring break, take a trip to one of the most underrated places in America: New Orleans. You’ll be able to experience amazing food, rich culture and remnants of the once beautiful city, which was ruined by Hurricane Katrina.
The French Quarter is the most noteworthy and well-known place of New Orleans. Even though Mardi Gras will be done by the time you get there, the city will still be buzzing with excitement. Get beignets, crayfish, gumbo and more.

If you love looking at cool sea creatures, Aquarium of the Americas is for you. Featuring fish and sea animals from all over the North and South Americas, the attraction is part of the Audubon Nature Institute which has a zoo, a butterfly garden, an insectarium and a park, all in one.

The Presbytère is the Louisiana/New Orleans museum attached to St. Louis Cathedral, where two permanent exhibits show the rich culture and history of New Orleans.

If you are looking to travel near or far, these options are some of the coolest places to visit within any budget. It is also easier to travel by car than by plane, so hunker down for the most anticipated road trip of your life.


Veronica Finniss is a senior double majoring in professional writing and history. She enjoys binge reading and suffocating under mounds of homework. When she isn’t dying, she loves petting dogs on the street and eating sandwiches, burgers and carbs.